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Issue 11


Play it Again Sam: Remembering Sam Selvon

Play it Again Sam: Remembering Sam Selvon

Jeremy Taylor on the life and times of the popular novelist Samuel Selvon, who died in April, with tributes from leading Caribbean writers and critics.

Artists Gather in Cuba

The prestigious Havana Biennial is a showcase of Caribbean and Latin American art.

New Wave: Alecia McKenzie

Jamaican journalist Alecia McKenzie, based in Europe, made waves with her first collection of short stories.

Illustrations by Dunstan Williams

The Cricket Match by Sam Selvon

Sam Selvon's short story, first published nearly 40 years ago, mixes affectionate humour with shart insights about Caribbean and English character.

The violaceous trogon- this one is a male- likes to nest in termite or ants nests; it scoops ants into its feathers, the ants spray formic acid on the bird and thus kill any mites which could threaten the trogon's nest.

Going for the Birds

Naturalist Roger Neckles describes his experience birdwatching in Trinidad and Tobago.

Photograph by Jenny Bailey

Caribbean Eyes

One of the Caribbean's enduring symbols – the ever-open window.

Researching flying fish numbers off Dominica: Dr. Hazel Oxenford

Finding the Answers

The work of McGill University's Caribbean-based research institute in Barbados.

Upbeat (Autumn 1994)

Upbeat (Autumn 1994)

New music from leading Caribbean recording artists.

Bookshelf (Autumn 1994)

Bookshelf (Autumn 1994)

New books from and about the Caribbean.