Barbados Fashion: A New Generation

Elegant and casual clothes from young designers in Barbados, specially photographed for BWee Caribbean Beat by Steve Cohn

  • White V-neck "baby doll" dress from Dingolay, made from 100% cotton jersey
  • Bound crop top and high-waisted hot shorts in a heavy ottoman, by Dingolay
  • Dingolay's bound shift dress in a silver nylon spandex. In the background: leather and wood candlestick by  Dawn Pionkowski
  • Aqua Shells Peach (Sandbox): a basic wholepiece swimsuit with a matching beach wrap. Earrings by Sue Sanders
  • Dingolay's gold nylon hot shorts, shown with cotton Iycra vest. In the background: leather and wood candlestick by Dawn Pionkowski
  • Peach Shell Lino (Sandbox). A deep V-wire bikini with cotton voile sleeveless top used as a head-wrap, and a wrap-around skirt to match. In the background: part of Annalee Davis's painting Retrieving The Land
  • Mottled Peach with Shell Lino by Sandbox: a basic wholepiece with matching cotton cheesecloth jumpsuit and matching hat
  • Reversible cotton waistcoat by Colette Lowe, with keyhole neckline, worn with a long black sarong skirt in  rayon. Earrings by Shellye Alleyne/ Sede Creations; wing-tip chair by Gayle Hermick

Fashion design is one of the liveliest industries in today’s Caribbean: in most of the islands you can find young designers and fashion houses producing exciting and original clothes.

These pages feature just three young operations from Barbados. Sandbox Designs was started about 18 months ago by Vicki Pierce and Erica Weatherhead, and produces hand-painted swimwear and beachwear. They produce a new collection every year, the current one inspired by shells and the sea; the swimwear is in cotton spandex and the beach wear in 100% cotton.

Inter Island Connections is another new business, run by Karin Truedsson and Claire Worme and trading under the brand name Dingolay. They specialise in sportswear, and produce all sorts of unusual ideas, working in various textures of cotton Iycra and knits; they export to St Maarten, Anguilla, Antigua and Grenada.

Colette Lowe of NEVA produces free-flowing garments suitable for casual or semiformal wear, especially ethnic prints in basic earth tones. Her clothes are made strictly to order.

Photography: Steve Cohn Make-up: Noelle Attaway

Models: Luna Brandford, Sherrylene Hall

Location: Vacluse Sugar Factory, Barbados

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