Author: Christopher Cozier

Immerse, Arts and Architecture, Culture, People, Suriname

Marcel Pinas: the art of presence

Because of the available flight connections from Trinidad, I always arrive in and depart from Suriname nodding between sleep and waking,...

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Culture, People

Full Frontal

I first met photographer Gerard Gaskin in the early 1990s, when he was visiting Trinidad to look into his family roots. Gaskin lives in New...

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Culture, Arts, Festivals and Events, Cuba

Artists Gather in Cuba

In the United States they have pop culture and Madonna, in the Caribbean we have Fidel and Bob Marley. Several of my friends: born in the...

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Culture, Arts, People, Barbados

Karl Broodhagen: Hands of Clay

Karl Broodhagen sat calmly in his studio, by the window, surrounded by his sculpture, records and documents. I, by contrast, was anxious:...

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