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Caribbean content creators have been producing a range of video material on YouTube and other platforms, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the world. Laura Dowrich recommends five of her favourites

  • Yendi with Shenseea. Photo courtesy Yendi Phillipps
  • Yendi with Usain Bolt. Photo courtesy Yendi Phillipps
  • Baidawi Assing. Photo courtesy Baidawi Assing
  • Baidawi Assing. Photo courtesy Baidawi Assing
  • Jeanmeil Nestor. Photo courtesy Jesse Evans
  • Dekel Quant. Photo courtesy Ethan Quant/Lifestyles Media Group
  • Rushane Campbell. Photo courtesy Chambers Media Solutions

Lacking many of the restrictions of television or streamers, YouTube has become a hub for creators and viewers alike. The platform also offers enterprising video producers — at least those with large followings — the ability to earn money from their uploads in various ways. Caribbean creators have seized the opportunity, with comedians, musicians and artists, lifestyle and travel vloggers, cooks, music reviewers, and popular personalities all producing their own unique material across the platform. Here are five (of many) to check out!

Yendi Phillipps

With over 100,000 subscribers, the former Miss World Jamaica has found her niche as a talk show host. Her show Odyssey with Yendi attracts the who’s who in Jamaica, from Olympians Usain Bolt and Elaine Thompson to dancehall stars Shenseea and Gramps Morgan. Set in a picturesque tropical garden, the show ranges from light and fun with games to serious, tear-jerking conversations. The model, actress, television host and businesswoman is warm, empathetic and endearing as a host, with the ability to bring out the best from her guests. As a result, her shows provide fodder for news outlets and fans alike — such as Shenseea’s first interview after the death of her mother and, more recently, Lila Iké’s revelations about her mental health struggles. Driven by her faith in God, Yendi’s platform is designed to provide hope and inspiration to all who tune in.

eatahfood (Baidawi Assing)

Originally a website dedicated to a celebration of Trinidadian cuisine, eatahfood started off as a collaboration between Baidawi (pronounced “Buhdahwee”) and his friend QD Ross. Today, Baidawi runs the whole kit and caboodle and has made it to into a must-see YouTube channel. It has over 90,000 subscribers, and features various cooking shows such as MmHmm, which focuses on Assing’s favourite dishes; Simply Local, which puts a twist on Trinis’ favourite dishes; Decanted, which looks at beverages; In the Oven, which gives us recipes for baked treats; and EAF Presents, which sees guest chefs cooking up a storm. The channel also covers the Trinidad & Tobago food scene, with Assing attending events, restaurant openings and menu reveals, and giving us an insight into the agricultural industry.

OhGVibe (Jeanmeil Nestor)

St Lucian Jeanmeil Nestor has made quite a name for himself as one of the leading beauty influencers in the Caribbean. A chemistry educator by profession, he combines his scientific knowledge with his passion for skincare to create colourful, engaging videos — ranging from reviews of beauty products and product unboxing to travel vlogs from various Carnivals, and conversations about serious topics such as mental health for his more than 6,000 subscribers. OhGVibe has been featured on the social media for Rihanna’s Fenty Skin, and in 2021 was selected for Allure Magazine’s My Beauty Ritual series. The Instagram series featured editors, influencers, and experts from around the world sharing their beauty routines and preferred products.

Bowflex Barbie Fit TV (Dekel Quant)

Known as Bowflex Barbie, Bahamian Dekel Quant began her fitness journey in 2008 shortly after losing her mother to breast cancer. She hit the gym with her family and never looked back. Her more than 11,000 subscribers in any fitness range can use this free resource to meet their fitness goals.

Rushcam (Rushane Campbell)

A former attorney, Campbell is one of the more prominent content creators on social media. He left his burgeoning career in law to follow a call in his soul to do something different. His channel, with over 80,000 subscribers, is chock full of entertainment, including interviews with prominent Jamaicans, games, commentary, and a look into his life and daily activities. Campbell is authentic, funny, engaging, vulnerable, and completely relatable in his videos.

Bonus picks

Tami and Wayne Mitchell

With over 190,000 subscribers, this Jamaican couple lets viewers inside their lives in their reality series Meet the Mitchells.

Certified Samson

Trinidadian Jamel Sampson is a comedian who creates funny skits about parenting and life in the Caribbean on his channel, which has over 322,000 subscribers.

Alien in Da Room

Bajan YouTuber Jaleesa is a lifestyle vlogger who gives how-to tips on entrepreneurship, cooking, fashion, education, and intellectual property.

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