“January girls are the best” | Parting shot

Meet the unforgettable Myrl Parker of Scarborough, Tobago

  • Photo by Maria Nunes

“January girls, yes they are the best”, sang Lord Kitchener. Meet Myrl Parker of Scarborough, Tobago. I met her on the Buccoo Boardwalk in 2022, where she was surrounded by friends and family. It was her 70th birthday — but her friends said that’s what she always says. We struck up a conversation, and in no time I learnt that Myrl has been travelling the world via cruises since 1978. Russia, Israel, Dubai are just some of the countries she’s visited. When I asked her if she’s retired now, she said no — she owns a fabric store in Calder Hall. At the same time, she motioned to her outfit with a big smile.

Maria Nunes

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