Los Roques, Venezuela | Wish you were here

Postcards from the Caribbean’s most extraordinary places

  • Los Roques, Venezuela. Photo by Gustavo Adolfo Rojas Segovia/Alamy Stock Photo

A beach to yourself (or close to it) isn’t unimaginable in Los Roques. New friends might take the form of an observant heron, shy crabs, empty conch shells, lizards, and coral sculptures. Located in the Caribbean Sea off Venezuela’s north coast, mangroves, coral reefs, and seagrass beds rule the archipelago’s ecosystem, which brims with biodiversity. Hundreds of square miles of reefs, a shallow lagoon, numerous cays, islands, islets, and sandbanks have made this both a national park and a Ramsar site — a designation given to wetlands of international importance. And, fun fact: 90% of lobster consumed in Venezuela is produced on Gran Roque.

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