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Kairi wild | Offtrack

Trinidad may be an industrial powerhouse, but it’s also home to wildnerness areas with a rich biodiversity, from forested mountains to mangrove wetlands. Photographers Jason Audain and Brendan Delzin share images and stories capturing the island’s wild beauty

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Saved by microbes | Discover

Trinidadian microbiologist Adesh Ramsubhag is a pioneer in researching potentially revolutionary uses of the Caribbean’s native microorganisms, writes Raymond Ramcharitar

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Born blue: Suriname’s blue poison dart frog

Native to the rainforest of southern Suriname, the blue poison dart frog — also called okopipi in the indigenous Trio language — earns...

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The view from Simla

In the high forest of Trinidad’s Northern Range at Guanapo sits a house which has changed little since it was built many decades ago. Its...

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Jungle fever: discover Iwokrama

A gift to the world In Guyana, the natural world overwhelms. It is unimaginably vast, the rainforest in many places unbroken as far as the...

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Sexy orange & purple petrea

I had never seen a live coral snake. But certainly I had read about them and been warned as a child never to pick up a snake that “looked...

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Green goodies from Guyana

Did you know that cocoa is twice as rich in antioxidants as a glass of red wine, up to three times richer than a cup of green tea and up to...

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Bookshelf (Spring 1994)

TRAVEL AND ENVIRONMENT The 1994 issue of the Caribbean Islands Handbook (ed. Ben Box and Sarah Cameron, Trade & Travel Publications in...

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