Stella Jean: culture chameleon

Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean draws on her mixed heritage

Photograph by Stefano Guindani, courtesy Stella JeanAltaroma, courtesy Stella JeanPhotograph by Stefano Guindani, courtesy Stella JeanPhotograph by Stefano Guindani, courtesy Stella Jean

Stella Jean has captured fashionistas’ hearts around the world with her impeccably crafted clothing. Inspired by her Haitian and Italian roots, she has perfected the art of combining exquisite African prints with her own personal story — a new concept of multiculturalism. She explains her 2015 Spring/Summer collection as a “cultural symposium, a conversation of visions and expressions of distant and contrasting worlds only in appearance, united under an aesthetic linking Burkina Faso, Haiti, Mali, and Italy.” Her designs are for the independent, curious, and always evolving individual, and with the addition of jewelry sourced from and made by artisans in Haiti, all that she creates is truly a celebration of her cultures.

Alia Michèle Orane

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