Jewels of the Caribbean

Featuring the craftsmanship of some of the most talented jewellers in the Caribbean, from the cultured and polished work Alchemy from Trinidad, to the fine detailing of John "Ding" King from Barbados, and the youthful effervescence of Deane- Hughes Designs from Guyana

  • Sterling silver smoky topaz band; white gold treble clef; double dome sterling silver ring; yellow and white gold pinky ring. Crafted by John "Ding" King. Photograph by Eric Young
  • 18-ct gold dolphin earring with diamonds; sterling silver turtle key ring or pendant with moving 18-ct gold head and flippers; yellow and white gold pendant depicting "fun in the sun".  Crafted by John "Ding" King. Photograph by Eric Young
  • Wedding ring set with 1-carat oval emerald flanked by small diamonds in yellow and white gold setting, and pear-shaped 2-carat emerald ring set in white and yellow gold band. Also sterling silver smoky topaz band. Crafted by John "Ding" King. Photograph by Eric Young
  • Sterling silver slave band with 18-carat gold trim. Also sterling silver bracelet with 18-carat gold trim and lapis lazuli tips. Crafted by John "Ding" King. Photograph by Eric Young
  • Silver earrings, Woman in a Yoga Stretch. Photograph courtesy  Elizabeth Deane-Hughes
  • Art for the neck, made of calabash and silver. Photograph courtesy  Elizabeth Deane-Hughes
  • Silver necklace, from the Amerindian collection. Photograph courtesy  Elizabeth Deane-Hughes
  • Silver necklace, from the Amerindian collection. Photograph courtesy  Elizabeth Deane-Hughes
  • Ring from the Alchemy collection: bronze mabé pearl, 18-carat gold, silver and ebony inlaid with 18-carat gold and citrine Earrings of 18-carat gold, bronze mabé pearls and ebony inlaid with 18-carat gold and citrines. Photograph by
 Woodbury &  Associates
  • From the Alchemy collection: Earrings of 18-carat gold, abalone and antique turtleshell, with tourmalines and black cultured pearls Bracelet: Black pearls with 18-carat and antique turtleshell clasp inlaid with abalone and tourmalines. Photograph by 
Woodbury &  Associates
  • Necklace from the Alchemy collection: grey pearls with oxidised silver and grey South Sea pearl enhancer, inlaid with sapphires and diamonds. Photograph by
 Woodbury &  Associates
  • Rings (from the Alchemy collection): 18-carat gold, carved amber and silver inlaid with amber and opals;18-carat gold, amber and ivory inlaid with diamonds; aquamarine, 18-carat gold and oxidised silver inlaid with diamonds. Photograph by 
Woodbury &  Associates

Meet some of the Caribbean’s finest “private jewellers”, who take pride in producing one-of-a-kind hand-crafted pieces. Using 24-carat gold and sterling silver as base materials, these designers produce jewellery that is unrivalled in artistry, finely crafted works that speak from the heart of the region.

Alchemy by Barbara Jardine and Rachel Ross

Alchemy is a collaboration between two Trinidadian jewellers, Barbara Jardine and Rachel Ross, who began working together in June 1997. The Alchemy collection consists of two lines. Alchemy 1 is a line of unique handmade pieces, combining traditional 18ct gold and precious gems with natural treasures like exotic rare woods, amber, mother o’ pearl and other natural treasures. The other more commercial line features original designs in sterling silver, 18ct gold, precious and semi-precious cabochons and facetted stones. Turtle shell and ivory are also employed from recycled antique items.

Barbara Jardine

Attended the Central School of Art and the Royal College of Art, London. Specialised in goldsmithing

Received her degree and Anstruther Award

Worked on private commissions and “objets trouvés”

Has exhibited in London, Washington, Santa Fe and Rye

Featured in Vogue and on BBC Television

The Warrior, a bracelet carved in ebony and inlaid with fine silver and beetles’ wings, is on permanent display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

Rachel Ross

Studied Geology at the University of Western Ontario, Canada

Became involved in jewellery making in 1982

By 1984 had established her own studio, concentrating on individual, original pieces using copper, aluminium, and a variety of “found objects” like driftwood and seeds

Has exhibited in Trinidad and Canada

Featured in Vogue and Cosmopolitan

Photography by Woodbury &  Associates

Deane-Hughes Designs

A design house in Guyana specialising in hand-crafted gold and sterling silver jewellery, as well as “functional art” — home furnishings such as lamps, lampshades, place mats, wall hangings.

• Founded by Elizabeth Deane-Hughes in 1991

• Arthur Thijm joins design house in 1996

• Has exhibited and sold pieces at the craft fair in Rotterdam, as well as at The Africa Centre, Covent Garden, London

Photos courtesy 

Elizabeth Deane-Hughes

John “Ding” King

Became involved in jewellery-making in 1975

Is currently the resident goldsmith at Little Switzerland in Barbados

Specialises in sculpting three-dimensional gold or silver sea creatures and insects. Also works with geodes and agates, making functional items such as small boxes and ornaments

Enjoys blending high carat white and yellow gold into pieces

Photography by Eric Young

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