In the bag: Jamaican designer Kesi Gibson

Jamaican designer Kesi Gibson of Kyu Mélange creates handbags inspired by different cultures

  • As seen on the Caribbean Fashion Week runway, the Lulu shoulder bag is for any woman on the go. Photograph courtesy Kesi Gibson
  • A balanced combination of leather and silk makes this Makeda clutch a must-have. Photograph courtesy Kesi Gibson

We all know what it’s like to follow in our parents’ footsteps. With her mother creating mosaics using exquisite materials, it’s no surprise that Kesi Gibson made the jump from finance to fashion to create Kyu Mélange. This Jamaican designer and alumna of the prestigious Wharton School of business in Pennsylvania designs beautifully handcrafted bags for both men and women, drawing inspiration from different cultures and combining vibrant raw materials from countries such as Turkey, Argentina, and Jamaica. Each has a wonderful combination of fabrics, is incredibly fresh, and is a functional wearable piece of art. Look out for Gibson’s holiday collection this November, and her expansion to cool jewellery.

Alia Michèle Orane

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