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Annalie Prime: the prime factor | Snapshot

Raw emotion and relatable lyrics are what draw listeners to T&T singer-songwriter Annalie Prime, says Laura Dowrich

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The Beat goes on: Caribbean Beat turns 25

Caribbean Beat marks its 25th anniversary In early 1992, passengers boarding BWIA planes across the Caribbean, South and North America, and...

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Wendy Fitzwilliam: between a mother and a son

When former Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam was small, she wanted to be two things when she grew up: a fashionable lawyer and a mother. The...

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Cover shoot: behind the scenes

Chef Jason Huggins knows the secret of good cooking. In fact, he can sum it up in one word: passion. Style is also important, though –...

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Wendy from the West Indies — Trinidad’s Wendy Fitzwilliam

“The unity of the West Indies . . . ” This was one of the goals Wendy Fitzwilliam promised to work for as she was acclaimed Miss...

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Island Beat (May/June 1999)

Carnival is traditionally a pre-Lenten celebration, but in the summer months, many North American and European visitors arrive on our...

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