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Love is in the air | Round trip

For many lovebirds around the world, the idea of a Caribbean wedding — making vows on the beach, with a backdrop of glimmering blue sea — seems like a dream. And it easily comes true

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Hadriana’s wedding | Showcase

I died on the night of the most beautiful day of my life: I died on the night of my marriage in the St Philippe and St Jacques Church....

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My Barbados

Magical light Risée Chaderton-Charles’s Barbados is closely connected to her passion for photography. “I love Farley Hill,” she...

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White Weddings with a Caribbean Tan

Newly-weds long ago discovered the idea of Caribbean honeymoons. What better way to give married life a good start than with blue skies and...

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Getting the Pigeon Point

Everyone is familiar with the picture-postcard image of the carat-thatched hut on the jetty, but Pigeon Point has far more to offer than...

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Most people who know me think I’m either a workaholic or a lazy so-and-so: the ones who know me really well know that I’m in fact both....

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Sweet St Vincent

The Anglican church in the village of Biabou stood on the edge of the bluff, morosely looking out to sea. The Atlantic lay still and...

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Petite Martinique: as wide as a smile

In the Grenadines — and for that matter in any part of the Caribbean where small islands cluster companionably together — boats are the...

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