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Datebook | Caribbean Events Calendar (July/August 2017)

Don’t miss . . . Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 Tournament 4 August to 9 September Venues across the Caribbean and Florida

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Antigua for adventure

Let the wind take you It’s probably the most daring of watersports, a cross between windsurfing, wakeboarding, and aerial acrobatics....

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Caribbean Datebook (July/August 2015)

Don’t miss . . . Mango season It’s without debate the Caribbean’s favourite fruit, and across the islands the start of mango season...

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Caribbean Datebook (September/October 2014)

New York Breakaway on the parkway You live in North America, but didn’t make it back to the Caribbean for any of this year’s Carnivals?...

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Icah Wilmot: star of the surf

The Palisadoes is a narrow finger of land jutting out from Jamaica’s southeast coast, which protects one of the largest natural harbours...

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Getting the Pigeon Point

Everyone is familiar with the picture-postcard image of the carat-thatched hut on the jetty, but Pigeon Point has far more to offer than...

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Chasing the dragon boat

Thousands of people turned out to witness the inaugural dragon boat race held in honour of the 200th anniversary of Chinese arrival in...

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Faster, higher, deeper: eco adventure in the Caribbean

FASTER RALLY ROUND Standing on a hill near the end of the Sailor’s Gully stage, he asks, “Know why our Bajan rally drivers do so well?...

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