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The Caribbean we love | Round trip

The world’s best beaches, stunning mountains, forests, and waterfalls, vibrant culture, delectable cuisine — there are many reasons the Caribbean is one of the world’s most desired tourism destinations. The global COVID-19 pandemic brought many travel plans to a halt, temporarily — but as lives gradually return to normal, it’s once again possible to plan for your dream vacation. When you’re ready to head out and experience the world, the islands of the Caribbean will be ready to greet you

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Guyana: so near, so far | Destination

There are parts of the Guyanese interior — in the heart of the vast Rupununi Savannah, or deep in the Iwokrama rainforest — that feel thrillingly remote. But daily air links make these wild adventures surprisingly accessible, says Nixon Nelson. And don’t forget the charms of Guyana’s capital, Georgetown

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Phagwah: Rite of Spring | Album

Celebrated in Trinidad since the nineteenth century, Holi — also known as Phagwah — is the Hindu spring festival, and a time to enjoy the company of friends and neighbours. At the 2019 celebrations in Aranguez, photographer Ziad Joseph captured the joyful free-for-all of colour

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Guide and prejudice | On this day

Few things get outdated faster than a guidebook, but one century-old guide for Caribbean travellers reveals much about old stereotypes of the region — and what has and hasn’t changed, writes James Ferguson

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Karasabai, Guyana: Makonaima’s treasure | Offtrack

Karasabai, a Macushi community in Guyana’s Pakaraima Mountains, is rich in wildlife and legend alike, writes Annette Arjoon-Martins

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Guyana by the score | Destination

Guyana, on an island scale, is vast: 83,000 square miles of Atlantic coast, mighty rivers, savannahs and forests stretching to the horizon. It can be overwhelming for a first-time visitor — so we’ll help you narrow it down. Here are twenty key places, events, and things that capture the true spirit of “the land of many waters”

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Lethem, Guyana | Neighbourhood

Streetscape Sprawling across a small triangle between the Takutu River, the airstrip, and the Rupununi Road, Lethem has no obvious centre...

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