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Són city, Cuba | Destination

Near the eastern end of Cuba, Santiago is a regional capital, a treasure house of history — and, Donna Yawching writes, the island’s most musical city. The soundtrack is driven by the rhythms of són, she learns — and the soul of Santiago is in its musicians’ fervour for their heritage

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Havana hello | Destination

Caribbean Airlines’ newest destination is one of the region’s — and the world’s — most iconic cities. From music to revolutionary history, baroque architecture to pastel-hued classic cars, from the Malecón to the bar where mojitos were (supposedly) invented — welcome to Havana, now serviced by two direct flights from Port of Spain each week

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Music: a Cuban love affair

If you wanted to win a Grammy, sell two million albums and make one of the top ten highest -grossing documentary films ever, would you...

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Hot nights in San Juan

Latinos have perfected the melding of sensuality and mysticism in the ritual of the salsa dance. July 2006 will see 1,500 congregants from...

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