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A river runs through it

The Martha Brae River owes its milky green waters to the limestone geology of Trelawny Parish on Jamaica’s north coast. And the best way...

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Jungle fever: discover Iwokrama

A gift to the world In Guyana, the natural world overwhelms. It is unimaginably vast, the rainforest in many places unbroken as far as the...

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Diane McTurk: “Karanambo was twice accursed”

My great-great-grandfather Sir Michael McTurk came to British Guiana in the early 19th century — he was a medical officer. He was the...

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Far Essequibo

Where the Essequibo meets the Atlantic, a great tongue of muddy brown water extends for miles into the ocean. More than half the landmass...

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Ah, Patagonia!

I’m halfway through my calafate berry cheesecake when the cry goes up in the dining dome: “Puma-aaaa!” My fellow campmates spring...

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Mountains of memory: Jamaica’s Cockpit Country

Viewed from above, it’s immediately apparent why this region was dubbed “The Cockpits” by British soldiers in the seventeenth...

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Marajó Island: green days by the river

On weekdays the Praia do Pasqueiro is almost deserted. But on even a somewhat overcast Sunday the neatly thatched huts lined up above the...

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Akilah Jaramogi: green days by the river

“I always start my day with bush tea,” says Akilah Jaramogi. This is her time to meditate, to prepare herself mentally for a long...

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