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Look mas | Portfolio

Photographer Jason C. Audain’s portraits of traditional Carnival masqueraders record both their intricate costumes and the human energy that powers their performance

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Artists of a new world

“The works are not afraid to admit, and admit to, the mental and physical space we have always inhabited. The artist is moving between...

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Walk tall, moko jumbie | Closeup

It’s one of the oldest masquerades in T&T’s Carnival, brought across the Atlantic from West Africa. The moko jumbie tradition once seemed to be dying away, but in recent years a handful of enthusiasts have created a moko jumbie revival, training hundreds of young people in the art of stilt-walking. Ray Funk investigates, and explains the power of these towering figures

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Screenshots (September/October 2017) | Film Reviews

Moko Jumbie Directed by Vashti Anderson, 2017, 93 minutes The farther we get from where we once were, the more we yearn for that place and...

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Movie reviews (January/February 2008)

A natural high The masked stilt-walking dancers of Trinidad, known as moko jumbies, form an integral part of Carnival celebrations. In West...

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Carnival Calendar (1992)

For many visitors to the region, the Caribbean is Carnival, a festive time of costumed parades and pageants, music and dance, fun and...

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Island Beat (November/December 1996)

Skywalkers in Trinidad Carnival Tuesday afternoon, 1996. Two unseasonal afternoon showers have drenched the Carnival city, Port of Spain;...

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