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Natural healing | Discover

For generations, Caribbean people have used local plants — leaves, seeds, roots, and more — for medicine. But scientific research into these folk remedies has lagged behind. At the University of the West Indies campus in Mona, Jamaica, the pioneering Natural Products Institute is working to change that, Erline Andrews learns

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A big step forward in the fight against gynaecological cancers

In the Caribbean, cancers of the cervix, uterus and ovary make up the second, third and fifth most common cancers. In Trinidad and Tobago, we have taken the fight against gynaecological cancers on all fronts — preventative, early detection, treatment and succession planning.

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Ayurveda: finding the balance | Be well

Practised for millennia in the Indian subcontinent, traditional ayurvedic medicine, with its focus on achieving both physical and spiritual balance, was brought to the Caribbean in the nineteenth century — and recently has been more widely adopted as a form of “alternative medicine.” Cate Young learns more, and talks to two practitioners who say ayurveda has helped them bring their lives and health into equilibrium

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Mother knows best | Be well

For centuries, Caribbean women delivered their babies with the help of traditional midwives. Now a new generation of mothers are opting for natural birthing centres like Trinidad and Tobago’s Mamatoto, reports Shelly-Ann Inniss

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Yes, watch that cholesterol — but is it the real problem?

Most people who get a heart attack have serum cholesterol levels that are “OK”. Their blood pressure levels are also “OK”....

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Francis Morean: medicine man

Out of the glare and blast of a Trinidad afternoon in the eastern town of Arima, up a flight of painted concrete steps into the umbra of a...

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Aloe vera: the thorny balm

“Go out in the garden and cut some aloes” are dreaded words for many Caribbean children. Aloe’s bitter taste is enough to prove that...

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CimaVax: revolutionary medicine

When United States President Barack Obama landed on Cuban soil in March this year, the first sitting American leader to do so since 1959,...

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