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The book of James — Marlon James

“You know that Cormac McCarthy thing you do where you start a sentence and you add an and, and then add some words, and then another and,...

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Word of mouth (November/December 2014)

King James version Nicholas Laughlin explains why a new novel by Jamaican writer Marlon James just might be the Caribbean book of the year...

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Marlon James: “I went for the flying women and upside-down cows”

He’s the Sean Paul of the literary world, stirring up a firestorm in the international community from a base in Kingston, Jamaica. Marlon...

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Caribbean bookshelf – January/February 2006

Freedom poems Yoruba from Cuba: Selected Poems – Nicolás Guillén, translated by Salvador Ortiz-Carboneres (Peepal Tree Press, ISBN...

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