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Kamau Brathwaite (1930–2020) | Icon

On his ninetieth birthday, 11 May, 2020, Kelly Baker Josephs explains the groundbreaking influence of the late Barbadian poet and scholar, perennially ahead of his time. An online exclusive

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Karen Lord: author of a very Barbadian book

Kamau Brathwaite calls Redemption in Indigo “beyond the boundary of what we conventionally/conveniently think of as ‘Bajan’, as...

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Book reviews (May/June 2008)

An enchanted garden It is perhaps too obvious to mention journeys in connection with Caribbean experience, but a series of paintings by the...

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The Oxford Book of Caribbean Verse: landscape of love

As a long-time resident of Oxford (UK, that is—there are hundreds of others all over the world) and an alumnus of the old university,...

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Books in Brief

Issue No. 2 – November 2004 Jane Bryce on The Humming-Bird Tree, by Ian McDonald; Jeremy Taylor on Small Island, by Andrea Levy;...

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Rastaman vibration: Roger Mais

Brother Man by Roger Mais (Macmillan Caribbean, ISBN1-4050-6296-7, 184 pp)   It’s interesting to read Brother Man today, when Rastas...

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The questioner: Vladimir Lucien

Vladimir Lucien understands, unflinchingly, the truth of which the late American artist Robert Henri spoke: learning to look for the spirit...

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London calling

When we think of the surge of literary creativity that occurred in the English-speaking Caribbean immediately after World War Two, the...

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