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It’s Playback Time

My compact disc player had become something of a snob. It had suddenly stopped recognising certain CDs. I would put in a disc, and it would...

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Island Beat (November/December 1998)

Caring for the Caribbean A new environmental initiative called The Caribbean Cares has been launched to conserve the water used in hotels...

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Island Beat (May/June 1999)

Carnival is traditionally a pre-Lenten celebration, but in the summer months, many North American and European visitors arrive on our...

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Upbeat (May/June 1999)

CARNIVAL ’99 International Chantuelle David Rudder (Lypsoland CR 029) International Chantuelle is a mirror of Trinidad: the sacred and...

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The Connoisseur’s Caribbean

Every true wine lover hopes to someday tour France’s Bordeaux region, or California’s Napa Valley. Opera mavens head to Milan for...

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