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Get smart, get safe online

Every citizen can choose to be smart when it comes to online predators and criminals, and “smart actions” should be taught, developed, and utilised daily

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Trinidadian Laurie Voss: unbreaking the internet

In March 2016, the Internet shook, when a small, fairly straightforward, but widely used snippet of JavaScript code disappeared from the...

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Have internet, will travel

It’s difficult — and probably futile — to determine which, among all human activities, has been most altered by the Internet, but...

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Are you listening? A decade of Global Voices

In late January this year, a group of several hundred self-described netizens — loyal “citizens” of the Internet — will assemble in...

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Maxine Williams: “Big ideas can change the world”

I started using Facebook in 2007. I joined as an employee in 2013 — I am the global head of diversity for Facebook. That means that I...

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Netwatch: Caribbean Callaloo

I had meant to find a special theme for this month’s Internet column, but because I’m writing this in the US and missing my...

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Bevil Wooding: casting the internet wider

It’s like something out of Tolkien. In some unknown future, the Internet blacks out and civilisation totters on the edge of chaos. The...

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The Caribbean blogosphere

Caribbean Beat first addressed the “blogging” phenomenon back in 2003, and posted a short update the following year. Since...

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