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Heartland album: Andrea de Silva & Alva Viarruel explore the landscape of Indo-Trinidadian culture

Roopnarine Birbal, known to his friends as “Sarge,” cuts sugarcane on lands his family owns at San Pedro Poole. Despite the end of...

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Word of mouth (May/June 2017)

Keep it pure David Katz looks forward to the multifaceted Pure Grenada Music Festival Unlike the many genre-specific festivals regularly...

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Datebook | Caribbean Events Calendar (May/June 2017)

Don’t miss . . . Fiesta de San Juan 24 to 27 June Trinidad, Cuba Caribbean festivals usually mean love, partying, and a salutation to...

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Book reviews (September/October 2008)

In the house of the spirits In 1956 Frances Henry, a young white American student, arrived in Trinidad to research the Orisha faith, and...

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Island hopper (May/June 2006)

In May and June, Caribbean music lovers are spoiled for choice, with big events nearly every weekend showcasing rhythms to suit nearly all...

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Most people who know me think I’m either a workaholic or a lazy so-and-so: the ones who know me really well know that I’m in fact both....

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Gaiutra Bahadur: enigmas and arrivals

On 4 November, 1903, a British merchant ship named The Clyde pulls into the mouth of the Demerara River, the harbour of Georgetown, capital...

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