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Go wild | Round trip

Soaring mountains, rushing rivers and waterfalls, rainforests teeming with life, and savannahs stretching to the horizon — the Caribbean has so many amazing natural landscapes to explore. What better time to experience the life-giving adventures of the great outdoors?

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Choose your own Tobago | Destination

Everyone has a different idea about what makes a dream vacation. Whether you’re looking for quiet time or an adrenaline hit, to explore pristine nature or the stories of history, to get pampered or get wild, Tobago has something for you, writes Nixon Nelson

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Grow wild

The bee is completely absorbed. There are several of his compatriots circling, but he is the lucky suitor. I am fortunate to witness this...

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Where the birds belong

Of all the countries of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago boasts the highest number of recorded species of birds, with 468, according to...

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George Simon: in search of lost time

Like the hummingbirds he loves to paint, George Simon is hard to catch up with. At the age of sixty-five, the Guyanese artist and...

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Caribbean Bookshelf (Summer 1995)

A Small Gathering of Bones Patricia Powell (Heinemann Caribbean Writers Series 1994) Spirits in the Dark H. Nigel Thomas (Heinemann...

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In Search of the Tufted Coquette in Trinidad & Tobago

More than 430 bird species have been recorded in Trinidad and Tobago, over 170 in the Arima Valley alone, site of the famous Asa Wright...

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Jane Downer: Healing Art

Since the days of Walter Raleigh, the name La Brea has been synonymous with Trinidad’s Pitch Lake (La Brea means pitch in Spanish). Its...

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