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Read or download the first ever digital-only issue of Caribbean Beat magazine! All new for July/August 2020

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An island for a princess | On this day

Sixty years ago, the newlywed Princess Margaret, sister to the queen of England, arrived in Mustique on her honeymoon. It was the start of a relationship between the tiny Grenadine island and international celebrity, writes James Ferguson — and a twist in the complicated and often unhappy life of the princess

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Old San Juan | Bucket list

One of the Caribbean’s oldest cities has a historic centre famous for its architecture and culture

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The King and I

Indulge my political correctness, if you will, and call me a republican, although the two countries of which I am a citizen, Britain and...

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Memories of Martinique

On board the mail ship that docked at the picturesque harbour of St Pierre, Martinique, one July morning in 1887, was a strange-looking man...

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