Caribbean Beat Magazine

The Bajan Boom

You may find yourself having to make some tough choices in Barbados: just how do you fit all the many activities in one vacation? Mark Lyndersay helps you weigh your choices, and also takes a look at the rapid expansion of the island's facilities, not least its fine new golf courses
Bathsheba on the east coast. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay

My Blue Heaven: Antigua & Barbuda

It’s the colour of the water that hits you first as the plane prepares for landing: turquoise and aquamarine and ultramarine and lapis and just about any lovely shade of blue you can imagine. You pinch yourself. Blink. And wonder: could that sand really be so white? Welcome to Antigua. Lisa Allen-Agostini succumbs to the charms of one of the Caribbean’s premier vacation spots
Redcliffe Quay. Photograph by Allan Aflak