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The nil of victory: how Haiti won the CONCACAF Champions’ Cup

Here’s a riddle: how do you win a football cup without winning the final? It happened to a Haitian team in 1963, when they won that...

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Happenings – July/August 2011

Carmen set to captivate T&T Set for a July premiere, the veteran Marionettes Chorale’s production of Bizet’s ever-popular opera...

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Island Beat (May/June 1998)

ANTIGUA This is the island with 365 beaches, one for every day of the year; most of the leading hotels are on the beachfront. Antigua also...

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Caribbean football: Who the Cup Fits

For a small country, a national sports team is a potent symbol, a repository of civic dreams and aspirations. If that team happens to be a...

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Doing It Dwight: Tobago’s Dwight Yorke

The story of the young boy plucked from the beaches of Tobago against his mother’s wishes to join the uncertain world of English football...

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