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Game fishers

Game fishers This is the season for St Maarten’s big fishing tournaments: the Lions Annual Fishing Tournament and the Annual Big Game...

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The parrotfish dilemma | Green

Among the most colourful marine species, parrotfish play a key role in keeping reefs and beaches healthy. They are also delicious, making fishing bans to protect them unpopular. Without these protections, learns Erline Andrews, they may be overfished into extinction

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Something’s fishy

“Sing, Muse. Sing of Kronos’ son Poseidon, shaker of the earth, brother of Zeus, ruler of the deep.” I can respect someone with that...

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No fish? No fuss

For Christians, the practice of eating fish on Fridays dates back to the earliest days of the church. And the forty days of Lent, the...

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Marlin Madness: masters of the deep

It’s 5am on a warm, overcast morning and I’m negotiating a wobbly exit from the pirogue which has taxied me out from Tobago’s Pigeon...

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The Hunters and the Sea: Caribbean Sportfishing

It was late in the afternoon of the last day of the tournament. For those aboard the big sportfisherman, it had been four days of...

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