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Alicia Alonso: forever prima | Backstory

How did Havana come to be one of the world’s leading centres of classical ballet? Nazma Muller tells the story of prima donna assoluta Alicia Alonso, and her influence on generations of Cuban dancers

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Falling for Havana | Explore

Few cities in the world have such an aura of history and glamour as Havana. As Donna Yawching writes, the Cuban capital has its gritty side — right next to world-class architecture, amazing culture, and a spirit that has to be experienced to be understood

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A slave speaks

This is a book with unlikely origins. Its story begins in a Cuban nursing home in the early 1960s, only a few years after Fidel Castro has...

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Santiago de Cuba | Neighbourhood

Streetscape The heart of Santiago de Cuba is the paved Parque Céspedes — more of a plaza than a park. Around it are the cathedral, the...

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Who’s your granny?

In the 1950s and 60s, when Marxism was still fashionable, communist newspapers had suitably stirring names: Pravda (“Truth”) in the...

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Cuba — the enigma of an island

The Egyptian mummy lies silent and elegant under the glass case. Standing there in the cool de-humidified air, I’m aware of experiencing...

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New year, new era

It was to be a New Year’s Eve party with a difference. Fulgencio Batista, dictator of Cuba, traditionally invited his most trusted...

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Born to serve

Caribbean political leaders have tended to be just as predictable in their backgrounds as politicians anywhere else. There have been a huge...

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