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The private Eric Williams

An excerpt from The Elusive Eric Williams by Dr Ken Boodhoo, a new biography of the first prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago. In this...

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Doctor say: Eric Williams’ history lessons

It’s hard to imagine now — in an age of intensive academic research and publishing — that only 35 years ago there was barely a single...

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Caribbean voices, Caribbean thinkers

C.L.R James, Marcus Garvey, Eric Williams, Francis Williams, Olaudah Equiano, Mary Prince, J.B. Philippe, John Brown Russwurm, Edward...

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An afternoon with George Lamming

In contrast to the idyllic Caribbean calm of Barbados’s “platinum” west coast, the sea at Bathsheba on the east coast is wild,...

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Caribbean Bookshelf (Autumn 1992)

The Islands and the Sea John A. Murray (ed.) (Oxford University Press, hardback, 1991) Subtitled Five Centuries of Nature Writing from the...

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