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Among the Dragon’s Mouths: Down the Islands, Trinidad

If you drive west out of Port of Spain and head to the tip of north-west Trinidad, soon you will run parallel to the sea. This drive will...

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Chacachacare: Once Upon An Island

These days it’s mostly foreign yachtsmen who find their way to Chacachacare and anchor, just as Columbus did in 1498, among the...

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Reviews (November/December 2010)

Recording the region’s heritage for young readers Debbie Jacob rounds up recent local fiction for pre-teens There’s a quiet and quite...

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Twin-island pleasures: Trinidad & Tobago

Go to town Jamie Eliot on Port of Spain, the nation’s capital At City Gate, buses and maxi taxis from all over the country pour in....

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Float away: five ways to enjoy being out on the water in the Caribbean

Open water in Guyana In most of the Caribbean, “open water” means the sea. But in Guyana, the land of many waters, it can also mean one...

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Carnival hideouts

Trinidad Carnival is the greatest show on earth — right? But let’s be honest: some years you just can’t face the music, or the...

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It’s All in the Mix: Trinidad & Tobago

Sir Martin Berthoud, who until 1991 was Britain’s High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, was well known for his enjoyment of the task....

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What’s fun and fresh in the Caribbean this month

Another life Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy Carlos Eire (Free Press, ISBN 0-7432-1965-1) Growing up in a wealthy...

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