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Doubles with slight | Food buzz

A love match introduced South African Bridget van Dongen Cadet to doubles, Trinidad’s beloved street food. And it was an affair to remember. Some 15 years later, she and her Trini husband opened their own doubles stall — in Antigua! Shelly-Ann Inniss learns more

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Port of Spain, Trinidad | Layover

Port of Spain knows how to keep business travellers busy, bouncing between boardrooms and hotel lobbies. And yes, the snarls of traffic in...

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Breakfast is for champions

This morning, I had what’s known in these parts as a full English breakfast. I leisurely chomped my way through eggs, sausage, black...

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Caribbean herbal remedies

I chortled, yes, I chortled. It was a poor attempt to stifle a laugh as Lisa related how one of her favourite T-shirts was ruined when a...

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Ian Harnarine: Family ties

I first met Ian Harnarine in 2010, at a filmmaker’s pitching session organised by Caribbean Tales in Toronto. At the time, he was a...

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The doubles life of George X

The milestones of Sandra Sammy’s adult life are marked with doubles. “When I got married, my husband introduced me to the business,”...

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