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Foyled again

When Caribbean Beat profiled Adonal Foyle back in 2001, the Grenadines-born centre for the Golden State Warriors pro basketball team was...

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Andrea Levy: To be or not to be British

How can a book published only last year already be a classic? A good question, and the only sensible answer is, quite simply, because it is...

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Gordon Espinet: “I had spent my whole life drawing faces”

I was born in Trinidad in 1961. My math is very bad, so that would make me 26! I’m the last of 13 children — a nice small family. I...

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Stuart Hall: “Culture is always a translation”

I was born in Jamaica, and grew up in a middle-class family. My father spent most of his working life in the United Fruit Company. He was...

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Mustapha Matura: My London

I first discovered the West London area of Ladbroke Grove during the “swinging sixties”. At that time it was a vibrant...

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Point and Click

If you want to know how many dotish people there are walking around these islands, then buy a camera, buy a camera. Imagine, years now I...

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Caribbean Cleo — the Amazing Cleo Laine

Cleo Laine was 26 when she learnt that she had been born to unmarried parents. She’d never had a passport, suddenly needed one for a...

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