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Every Trinidad Road March ever — and our top 10

Of the 80+ songs that have won the official Road March title at Trinidad Carnival, some are little remembered, some have become “back-in-times” favourites, and a few are considered landmarks — whether for their musical qualities or for trends they ushered in. Here are all the recorded Trinidad Carnival Road March winners from 1930 up to the present — and our picks for an all-time Road March top 10

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The Beat goes on: Caribbean Beat turns 25

Caribbean Beat marks its 25th anniversary In early 1992, passengers boarding BWIA planes across the Caribbean, South and North America, and...

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Nothing’s taboo for Tanya Stephens

Every few years, someone comes along on the music scene whom I can’t get enough of. The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Aretha; Bob Marley,...

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Tonight at the Diamond: David Rudder & Tony Hall’s Brand New Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Club

This is a tale ’bout the other side of The other side of town The kinda place where decent people look left, sneer Then spit on the...

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Lyrics man: David Rudder

I was talking music with my good friend Victor the other day. Victor, you should know, is Trini to de bone — a walking encyclopedia of...

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Take Ten (part 2): the greatest calypso and soca singers of all time

As I promised — or should that be threatened? — at the end of my last column, I’m about to embark on another list. The previous one...

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Defining the boundary

Anu Lakhan on A Nation Imagined, by Hilary McD. Beckles; The West Indies in India: Jeffrey Stollmeyer’s Diary, 1948–1949; and The Glory...

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Festive favourites: five Caribbean celebrities on their Christmas food favourites

David Rudder The Trinidadian singer is a former Calypso Monarch and the composer of classics that include “Calypso Music”, “Bahia...

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