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Tania León: “My music has an accent” | Backstory

The sonic world of composer Tania León was shaped by her childhood in Cuba — and by her willingness to reinvent herself, writes Caroline Taylor

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Patrick Parson: soulful messiah of Ballet Creole

Fusion. Diversity. High-energy. These are the words one encounters, over and over, in articles written about Patrick Parson and his...

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Nicole de Weever: dancing with the stars

Nicole de Weever is a woman of many talents: dance, drama and song. But of the three, the most fulfilling is her first passion – dance....

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Where is the world?

As I’ve written in this space on more than one occasion, there are few things I like more than a good music festival. And I caught up...

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Rhythms of our people

They walk on stage in a tinkling, shimmering shower of bells, and then there is silence. The lights come up. “Ta-ta-ta-te-ta….”...

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They call her Noble — Trinidad’s Noble Douglas

Noble Douglas is dancing. She skips around the room on dainty feet in soft leather shoes, toes pointed. She’s teaching a class, and...

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Trinidad’s Caroline Taylor: packing light

Wherever there’s music or theatre, there’s bound to be a Caribbean performer mixed up in it somewhere. Whether it’s playing Aida on...

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Slices of time

Seasons of Dance: The Story of Jamaican Dance Theatre, by Monica DaSilva, with a foreword by Rex Nettleford (Macmillan Caribbean, ISBN...

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