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For the sake of a lizard | Green

The gem-like colours of the tiny Union Island gecko — a lizard found only on one small island in the Grenadines — are why it’s so highly coveted by the exotic pet trade. As Erline Andrews reports, hopes for the endangered gecko’s survival depend on new conservation efforts, and a push for eco-tourism

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The parrotfish dilemma | Green

Among the most colourful marine species, parrotfish play a key role in keeping reefs and beaches healthy. They are also delicious, making fishing bans to protect them unpopular. Without these protections, learns Erline Andrews, they may be overfished into extinction

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Jaws of life | Green

Pop culture has given sharks an undeservedly scary reputation. What’s truly frightening, reports Erline Andrews, is a sea without sharks, vital for a healthy marine ecosystem. And after decades of neglect, the countries of the Caribbean are finally waking up to the importance of shark conservation — for the environment, but also for their economies

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Redonda rescue — saving its native species | Green

The dwarf geckos of Redonda, Sphaerodactylus sp, are among the rarest creatures on earth. About an inch long, on average, with translucent...

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Barbuda — precious blue

The people of Barbuda are culturally connected to the sea, depending on it for food, recreation, and their livelihoods. Coral reefs and...

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The garbage problem: the Caribbean tackles recycling

Although recycling technology has become so advanced that some companies can now take garbage as unpromising as old cigarette butts and...

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Show me your blue flag

It’s the last thing you want to think about while enjoying a dip in the sea, but if terms like “stormwater runoff” and “combined...

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And my octopus is in my pocket

Diving Belize’s great barrier reef It was when I saw that palm tree go sailing through the air that I really began to question what I...

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