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The climate change countdown | Green

For decades, climate scientists have warned us about the consequences of global warming — and small island states like those in the Caribbean are especially vulnerable. 2017’s Hurricane Maria was just a taste of what the coming decades will bring, reports Erline Andrews, unless significant resources get directed to efforts to protect threatened coastlines and reefs

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The parrotfish dilemma | Green

Among the most colourful marine species, parrotfish play a key role in keeping reefs and beaches healthy. They are also delicious, making fishing bans to protect them unpopular. Without these protections, learns Erline Andrews, they may be overfished into extinction

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The plastic wars | Green

Plastic pollution is a growing danger to the environment, to wildlife, and to ourselves. As Jamaica implements the first major plastics ban in the Caribbean, Erline Andrews learns about its possible impact — and pitfalls

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The secret life of sunscreen | Green

The blazing rays of the tropical sun can take a heavy toll on your skin — which is why most beachgoers and swimmers in the Caribbean slather on a layer of protective sunscreen before they disrobe. But the very chemicals that protect human skin can be toxic for corals — and the Caribbean’s reefs pay the price. Erline Andrews investigates

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The energy of the future: renewables in the Caribbean | Green

Nelson Island — a tiny fragment of land less than one mile off the northwest coast of Trinidad — is a focal point of the island’s...

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Caribbean eco progress report

The Caribbean is treasured and revered globally as one of the world’s most biologically diverse regions, with more than twelve thousand...

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Not just any old trash: recycling in the Caribbean

They’re everywhere: old cans, bottles, plastic containers, car bodies, refrigerators; in the gutters, on empty lots, in gullies, by...

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Get it while it’s hot: Barbados’ solar energy revolution

“We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using Nature’s inexhaustible sources of...

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