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Ark of hope

Since last April, Simone de la Bastide, president and founder of the charity The Children’s Ark, has spent every other Saturday morning...

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Kathryn Cleghorn and Animals Alive: dogs’ best friend

The quiet of a Sunday morning in a south Trinidad village is broken by the sound of many dogs barking. The clash of high-pitched and deep...

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Karen de Souza and (Red) Threads that bind

Today, the Guyanese women’s advocacy group Red Thread is one of the Caribbean’s best known in the area of gender justice and equality,...

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Wishes and horses: Tobago’s Healing With Horses

It is Monday 7 July, 2014. Children in colourful t-shirts form an effervescent rainbow in the stadium seats of Tobago’s Buccoo Integrated...

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The struggle for serenity

The door creaked closed. She slid forward and stared through the slit. Her three-year-old was performing a ritual: ready match, crack pipe...

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The keyboard to success

The pupils of St Michael’s School for Boys in Diego Martin, Trinidad, may not believe in fairy godmothers. After all, they have been sent...

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Helping the region respond to HIV

The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. It is also amongst the world’s most diverse regions, with dynamic,...

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SERVOL: A miracle a day

The Beetham Estate is an area where middle-class Trinidadians are loath to go. The main east-west highway cuts it in two; to the south is...

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