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Tony Hall (1948–2020) and Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall (1949–2020) | Icon

Attillah Springer explains the roles of T&T’s irreplaceable theatrical brothers in the ongoing struggle for cultural self-determination

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Screenshots (May/June 2017) | Film Reviews

Cargo Directed by Kareem Mortimer, 2017, 102 minutes Kareem Mortimer, it could be said, is an auteur of the ocean, a filmmaker for whom the...

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Book reviews (November/December 2008)

Marcus Garvey: hero or hustler? “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none...

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René Maran: French lessons

Most people who know even a bit about Caribbean literature will have heard of Aimé Césaire, the poet-politician from Martinique. That...

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What’s Fun & Fresh in the Caribbean this Month

Fast and furious Anyone who studies the sports pages of Caribbean newspapers knows Ravi Rampaul’s name. Whether he was breaking records...

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Bookshelf (May/June 2002)

PICK OF THE MONTH Frantz Fanon: A Biography David Macey (Picador 2001, 640pp, ISBN 0-312-27550-1) Forty years after his death, who is...

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Meeting the Master: Wilfredo Lam

It was a long flight, and there was plenty of time to think about the art of the Caribbean and its place on the international stage. For me...

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