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The Beat goes on: Caribbean Beat turns 25

Caribbean Beat marks its 25th anniversary In early 1992, passengers boarding BWIA planes across the Caribbean, South and North America, and...

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Bim, Bim, Sink or Swim…

The poster summarised the theme: One man’s struggle to come to terms with the society that has alienated him. Released in 1974, Bim was...

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André Tanker: Like a Liberation

I was born in Woodbrook a west Port of Spain neighbourhood in 1941. My great-grandfather was Chinese, my mother a descendant of...

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Personal Favourites

I must confess to having felt greatly honoured and not a little overwhelmed when I was invited to be one of the panellists for this...

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Take Ten (part 2): the greatest calypso and soca singers of all time

As I promised — or should that be threatened? — at the end of my last column, I’m about to embark on another list. The previous one...

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André Tanker: Music Beyond Measure

André Tanker’s death from a heart attack was announced during the Soca Monarch competition broadcast in Trinidad and Tobago on...

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Forward Home: André Tanker Revisited

After three decades as one of Trinidad and Tobago’s leading musicians, André Tanker is still among the country’s best-kept...

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