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Patrick Chamoiseau: Return of the Creole

I had expected somebody aggressive, abrasive, doctrinaire. I was prepared to be lectured, to be put in my place. If the truth be told, I...

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The Oxford Book of Caribbean Verse: landscape of love

As a long-time resident of Oxford (UK, that is—there are hundreds of others all over the world) and an alumnus of the old university,...

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Uncomfortable truth

When researching an obituary of Joseph Zobel, I was intrigued to read that his classic novel LA Rue Cases Negres was banned in Martinique...

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Meeting the Master: Wilfredo Lam

It was a long flight, and there was plenty of time to think about the art of the Caribbean and its place on the international stage. For me...

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Aimé Césaire: Reaching For Freedom

Aimé Césaire, the mayor of Fort-de-France in Martinique, is 81 years old. And he still shows up for work every day. His office, on the...

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The Birth of Negritude

When does a piece of writing become a classic? Perhaps never more definitively so than when it appears on Oxford University’s syllabus....

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