Most popular surfing spots around the world

Surfing is a fantastic water sport to practice. It’s a thrilling activity that gets the adrenaline pumping, especially when riding giant waves. It can also give you numerous benefits such as strengthening muscles and improving coordination. Here are some of the most popular surfing spots around the world.

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Oahu, Hawaii

Kicking off the list is what’s regarded by many as the world’s premier surfing destination. Oahu hosts the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing annually. This is the sport’s number one competition, and it attracts keen surfers worldwide. Most waves here reach 6ft to 12ft, though the big ones can be up to 50ft high. If you’re planning a trip here, come between November and March for the best conditions. Oahu is the main Hawaiian island and is easy to access.

Gold Coast, Australia

One of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations is the Gold Coast, a scenic metropolitan area on the country’s east coast. It’s known for its picturesque beaches, waterways, mountain ridges and, of course, surfing. Here surfers gather in the aptly named town Surfers Paradise. The average height of the waves is 6ft to 7ft and the recommended time to visit is January to April. If you’re thinking of going, fly to one of the biggest Australian cities and then catch a second flight to Gold Coast.

Bundoran, Ireland

Located on the west coast of Ireland is Bundoran, a tourist resort named one of the world’s best surfing locations. There are waves suitable for beginners, pros and everyone else in between. The waves range in height from a few feet to as much as 30 feet in some places. For the best surfing experiences, visit in autumn. Travel to Dublin, enjoy a Guinness, and then hop on a train to the coast for your surfing adventure.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

This series of barrier islands is one of the top surfing destinations on the east coast of the USA. It’s known for its excellent surfing opportunities and competitions that attract people from all over the world. Waves typically reach 8ft to 10ft, and most find that September to November is the optimal time of year to hit the sea.

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Malibu, California

Malibu is a sun-kissed destination, one of California’s many highlights. It’s an ideal spot for surfers thanks to its stunning coastal scenery and laidback Californian lifestyle. Most of the time, the waves are 2ft to 4ft high, though, during summer and autumn, it’s not uncommon for them to reach 8ft. Some waves have even gone as high as 20ft. For the best surfing opportunities, visit in August or September. Fly to Los Angeles and make your way to Malibu from there.

Popoyo, Nicaragua

Popoyo is a small town in southwestern Nicaragua. It has several beaches that are excellent for surfers. What makes them particularly suitable for surfing is that some have waves for beginners, and others have waves for pros. The Popoyo Outer Reef has the largest waves, reaching as high as 20 feet. The best time to visit is April to October, when the winds are low, and the nearest airport is Managua, 46 miles away from Popoyo.

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa is Jeffrey’s Bay. Touted as one of the world’s premier surfing spots, Jeffrey’s Bay has waves ranging from 3ft to 10ft. Most of the time, however, they’re in the 4ft to 8ft range. Visitors are encouraged to bring two boards: one for the lesser waves and one for the more prominent waves. The best time to visit for surfing is June to August, and the nearest international airport is Port Elizabeth International Airport.


Whether a novice or a seasoned wave rider, you’re sure to enjoy visiting any of these top surfing destinations. If you’re planning a trip and want to surf, include one of them in your itinerary. See for yourself what makes these spots the most popular surfing destinations worldwide.

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