Issue 91 (May/June 2008)

Skye Hernandez treks through Guyana’s Iwokrama forest; Judy Raymond on Trinidadian dancer Noble Douglas’ lasting legacy; Laura Dowrich-Phillips journeys to Barbados to witness the Rihanna effect; James Fuller on the Caribbean’s response to climate change; Simon Lee traces the life of the late Belizian star, Andy Palacio; Actress Lorraine Toussaint opens up to Caroline Taylor about her illustrious career; Jonathan Ali looks at how Caribbean countries preserve their built heritage; Judy Raymond on Frances-Anne Solomon’s award-winning movie A Winter Tale; Nicholas Laughlin gives the low-down on really enjoying the Calabash Literary Festival; Caroline Taylor on SASOD Literary Festival; Garry Steckles looks at how reggae traditions are being passed on down the generations; sixty years of London’s Caribbean immigrants; David Katz tastes the nostalgia in Michael Anatol’s pepper sauce; Franka Philip takes time off from slaving over a hot stove to read about Caribbean cuisine; James Fuller samples Caribbean Airlines’ new wine; Donna Yawching takes refuge from Canada’s cold in the heat of the Roti Palace; and much more!

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