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C.L.R. James, the renowned Trinidadian cricket writer and political historian, once argued that sport was as high an art form as painting or theatre. Surely, then, Sir Garry Sobers, Ato Boldon, and Brian Lara must be among our greatest artists. Here are some sites that celebrate the Caribbean genius for artful athletics and the visitors who share that passion.
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New and recent books about the Caribbean (November/December 2002)

PICK OF THE MONTH Selected Writings José Martí, ed. & trans. Esther Allen, with an introduction by Roberto González Echevarría (Penguin Classics 2002, 462pp, ISBN 0-140-243704-2) Revered as “the Apostle of the Nation”, the visionary writer-revolutionary José Martí is everywhere in Cuba. Statues and busts adorn plazas, public buildings, schools; his face is on coins …