Issue 101 (January/February 2010)

In this Carnival issue of Caribbean Beat, Lisa Allen-Agostini meets the Hart family which has been bringing out a fun masquerade band for three generations, and the legendary Invaders steel orchestra is profiled by David Katz and Ray Funk … Mark Lyndersay presents priceless images of Trinidad Carnival as it was half a century ago, and David Katz learns the fine art of wire-bending with master craftsman Carl Gabriel. Brendan de Caires considers the life and work of the Nobel prizewinner Derek Walcott … Jonathan Ali meets filmmaker Maria Govan while David Katz meets Jamaican poet Kwame Dawes … Nicholas Laughlin reaches the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands by climbing Mount Scenery in the Caribbean … Franka Philip seeks out the singing Rastafarian chef Levi Roots in London, James Ferguson remembers the start of prohibition in the US ninety years ago, Laura Dowrich-Philip talks to Barbadian singer Livvi Franc and N’delamiko Lord celebrates Red Plastic Bag, the calypso king of Barbados …

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