Carnival, Tobago Style

Tobago's newest festival is a late-summer Carnival, complete with steelband and costumes. Dylan Kerrigan on the special flavour of Tobago Fest

  • Illustration by Jason Jarvis

Sometimes, I’ll be in my office, and suddenly memories of glitter, the tinkling of steelpans and the pounding of soca sound systems interrupt me. These thoughts are always distracting, especially the resulting foot-tapping and the seated waist-rotations. After years of these peculiar moments a friend diagnosed my ailment — “Carnival Withdrawal Syndrome”. (I know, I couldn’t find it in the medical dictionary either). After a discussion which revealed that my symptoms occur mostly in September, my buddy let me in on one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets and a known cure for such afflictions — the Tobago Fest.

The Tobago Fest is Carnival, Tobago-style. It incorporates familiar Carnival traditions such as the Queen Show, Night Mas’ and a Parade of Bands, while at the same time stamping these traditions with an original Tobago flavour. The festival was conceptualised in 1996 as an event that could attract visitors during the low season in September and October. With the help of the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA), Tobago Fest has today developed into a rich expression of Tobagonian creativity.

The festival organisers have taken full advantage of the Carnival expertise of their colleagues in Trinidad, learning everything from wire-bending and costume building to cross-island promotion and sponsorship, always ensuring, however, that events retain that unique Tobagonian character. The cost of participation in the festival is kept well within the reach of the general public. Admission to events is reasonably priced, and costumes usually start at around TT$150 (US$24).

Among Tobago Fest’s future objectives is a plan to take the Fest from village to village, teaching Carnival craft in the schools and communities, encouraging Tobagonians to create their own locally-themed bands. Moriah, for instance, has discussed a wedding theme, while the Buccoo villagers mention goat masks. Another proposal for the future is a Certificate of Mas’ Skills, to be awarded to students on completion of a mas’-making course.

As the Tobago Fest expands, it finds itself in good hands under the leadership of former Carnival bandleader Wilma Bedlow, head of the NCBA Tobago Region. Hailing originally from Tobago, Mrs Bedlow spent some years in Trinidad before returning to her native island, and she talks about the festival with the enthusiasm of a pioneer. “Funding is hard,” she says, “but if we can make mas’ part of our children’s culture, teach them the craft of Carnival, then this will become their thing, a truly Tobago thing.”



September 26-29

• Thursday 26 September – Queen Show and Calypso Competition

• Friday 27 September – Night Mas’

• Saturday 28 September – J’Ouvert, Parade of the Bands, “Ah We Jam” calypso showcase

• Sunday 29 September – Chill Out

All parades start at Radio Tambrin and wind their way through the streets of Scarborough, culminating on the Esplanade.

For information on participation and special hotel offers, contact the NCBA Tobago Region on (868) 660-7225

Dylan Kerrigan



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