Tobago’s roads less travelled | Wish you were here

Postcards from the Caribbean’s most extraordinary places

  • Photo by Chris Anderson

You can understand why few visitors venture beyond Tobago’s southwest. Everything you could want is in easy reach: the airport, great food, wonderful ocean escapes, thrilling eco adventures, and idyllic beaches along the picture-perfect Caribbean coast. But there’s a world to explore further afield, starting with the capital Scarborough — over which Fort King George stands guard while offering magnificent views in every direction. Even fewer visitors take the drive up Tobago’s rugged Atlantic coast (pictured here as the sun rises over Scarborough), and discover the wonders of northern towns like Speyside and Charlotteville. But it’s well worth it — especially if you love diving, snorkelling, beautiful beaches, and delectable food … all far from the madding crowd! 

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