The beaches we love | Round trip

It’s the time of year when so many are enjoying the region’s beaches with our families, friends — or in quiet escapes alone! Members of the Caribbean Beat team share some of our favourites

  • Magazine Beach, Grenada. Photo by Pure Grenada Tourism Authority
  • Bottom Bay, Barbados. Photo by Simon Dannhauer/
  • Darkwood Beach, Antigua & Barbuda. Photo by Visual Echo courtesy Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority
  • Bubble Bay, Dominica. Photo by Dorling Kindersley Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo
  • Playa Kenepa, Curaçao. Photo courtesy Curaçao Tourism Board
  • Miami Beach, Florida, USA. Photo by Alexander Demyanenko/

Magazine Beach


Located in the southwest, this one’s perfect for (get ready to groan) this magazine! There are great resorts and restaurants (including one of my favourites), plus wonderful swimming and snorkelling, even if it’s less sheltered. What I love most about it is there are really quiet stretches, that never seem to have too many people. It’s also close to Grand Anse if you’re in the mood for beach-hopping, and so close to the airport that even if you’re just there for a layover, you can pop over and enjoy a sea bath without missing your flight! 

— Caroline Taylor

Bottom Bay and Accra Beach


Choose a favourite beach in Barbados? That’s like asking a mother to pick her favourite child! I love Bottom Bay (pictured) in St Philip for its tranquility and off-the-beaten path vibe. It’s a well-kept secret compared to Accra Beach (aka Rockley Beach) further down the south coast, which is the perfect spot for a girlfriends’ getaway. Anything you could possibly need is easily within reach. There are lots of folks enjoying the watersports too — but I prefer to have cocktail in hand, sun-kissed skin, lively conversations, and a stroll on the boardwalk. Floating in the calm waters is always a must too!

— Halcyon Salazar

Darkwood Beach

Antigua & Barbuda

It might well be true that Antigua has a beach for every day of the year, but most days would find me choosing the sun, sand and sea at Darkwood Beach. As it’s more volcanic in make-up, this southwestern side of the island has lush, forested hills, so that Darkwood’s perfect strip of white beach and azure sea is wreathed in resplendent green. It’s Nature in her Sunday best, all dressed up for me (and you!).

— Tracy Farrag

Bubble Bay


Nestled in the fishing village of Soufrière, with Scotts Head in the distance, the warm rejuvenating bubbles from the hot spring at Bubble Beach are perfect to soothe any sore muscles. The heat levels in this natural jacuzzi can shift from soothingly warm to alarmingly hot in some spots as the tide changes; local entrepreneur Dale Mitchell has mapped out the best areas to relax using sandbags and rocks. When you’re ready to cool down, a refreshing snorkel to watch marine life and blow your own bubbles in the bay is a big plus! Donations are welcome for the beach’s maintenance. 

— Shelly-Ann Inniss

Playa Kenepa


On my last trip to Curaçao, I visited quite a few beaches, but there is one that really stuck in my mind: the beautiful Playa Kenepa (also known as Grote Knip). These are actually two beaches: the bigger Kenepa Grandi, which has beautiful white sand and crystal clear water; and Kenepa Chiki, which is a sort of a little bay — also smaller and more intimate. It is a bit of a drive, but it is well worth the trip.

— Evelyn Chung

Miami Beach

Florida, USA

While sun, sea, and sand are fairly easy to find where I’m from, many years ago I was instantly intrigued with one of our Caribbean Beat covers in 2013, featuring an iconic, colourful lifeguard station at Miami Beach. And that’s when the love affair began. It’s perfect for spending hours frolicking in the clear sparkling waters and taking long strolls along the endless white sand. Plus — there are lots of adventures nearby, like exploring the famed Miami Art Deco district with its beautifully restored pastel-coloured buildings.

— Kevon Webster


An image of Cas Abao Beach was regrettably used in our print edition, and has been replaced with one of Playa Kenepa online.

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