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Consider yourself a true foodie? How much do you know about Caribbean culinary traditions? Let our trivia column put you to the test

  • Traditional Javanese dishes are one of the culinary delights of Suriname. Photo by Ariyani Tedjo/

In the Caribbean, the culinary traditions of four continents combine with delicious local ingredients to create a menu full of spice and savour. Consider yourself a true gourmand? Test your knowledge of regional food traditions with our quiz — and check your score in the answers below!

  1. What’s the name of the crucial ingredient of Guyanese pepperpot that both preserves the dish — allowing it to be kept on the stove for weeks, months, or even years — and imparts its distinctive flavour?
  2. Jamaica’s national dish involves two ingredients originating elsewhere in the world — what are they?
  3. What’s the traditional accompaniment to fried flying fish in Barbados?
  4. The chili pepper variety often considered the Caribbean’s hottest is named for a village in south Trinidad — what’s it called?
  5. The traditional Cuban dish Moros y Cristianos involves what two main ingredients?
  6. What seafood delicacy is considered the national dish of the Bahamas?
  7. Native to the Pacific, breadfruit was first introduced to the Caribbean in 1793 — to which island?
  8. What fruit is Antigua reputed to grow the sweetest and most delicate version of — and which even appears in the country’s coast of arms?
  9. What’s the name of the mountain mushroom native to Haiti that’s used to flavour a delectable rice dish?
  10. The best place to find traditional Javanese food in Suriname is one of the family-operated restaurants attached to a private home — what are they called?


1. Cassareep, made from cassava

2. Ackee — native to West Africa, and now grown in the Caribbean — and saltfish, or salted cod, usually imported from Canada

3. Cou cou, made from cornmeal and okra

4. The Moruga scorpion

5. Black beans and rice

6. Conch, often served battered and fried

7. St Vincent

8. The Antigua black pineapple

9. Djon-djon

10. Warungs — the neighbourhood of Blauwgrond north of Paramaribo is celebrated for them

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