English Harbour, Antigua | Bucket list

Few views in the Caribbean are more recognisable — and more stunning — than the panorama of English Harbour on Antigua’s south coast

  • English Harbour, Antigua. Photo by Eric Baker/Shutterstock.com
  • Photo by Banana Pancake/Alamy Stock Photo

Low, rounded hills, covered in green forest, shelter the narrow, curvaceous bay. Dozens of yachts, their masts swaying gently in the sea breeze, dot the turquoise-blue water. Historic buildings near the shore are surrounded by manicured lawns and gardens, and in the distance you can see a landscape of further bays and hills unfolding against a brilliant tropical sky. The view over English Harbour from Shirley Heights is one of the Caribbean’s most instantly recognisable. This natural harbour on Antigua’s south coast was a British Royal Navy base for centuries, and today is preserved as a national park, where history lessons — via the carefully restored Georgian dockyard — meet nature’s beauty, while numerous hiking trails offer unforgettable vistas.

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